Why Outsource Your IT?

The options available today for the delivery of secure and reliable IT within a businesses are confusing. The vast choice of solutions on the market today leave most business owners wondering which solution is right for your business.

• Should I consider CLOUD, or on-premise?
• What about data security?
• Am I compliant with my software licencing?
• What should I do with my ageing desktops and servers?
• What are the benefits and drawback of using technologies from Microsoft, Apple and Google etc?
• Do I need all my IT staff?
• How do I know I’m getting the best value for money with my IT investment?

The answer to these questions and many more become clear when engaging with the right IT partner. At SystemHOST we believe that businesses with 10 to 500 staff should consider outsourcing for the provision IT, because it takes away the headache of IT and enables you to get on with running your business.

Outsourcing your IT to a trusted partner is has many more benefits that business owners should consider:-

• Reduce costs and increase profits
• No need to employ expensive IT staff
• Avoid unnecessary spend on IT items which you may not need or even understand
• Get high level technical advise on your business IT needs
• Get best of breed security systems and data protection
• Increase availability of IT systems and increase flexibility

To start learning whether IT outsourcing is right for your business, get a free consultation from one of our technical directors.

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